Founder Paul R. Corrigan has his roots as a business intermediary, which means “his feet on the street” experience grounds the values Rosetta produces for its clients.  He can step back and perform the ultimate review of “Would the open market find this value accurate between a buyer and a seller?” 

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Why Rosetta?

1. Choosing a Valuation Company?

With a quick computer search you can access valuators all over the globe, so why choose the professionals at Rosetta Valuations?  Our clients sorted through the many choices and selected us. Here are some the specifics reasons they felt were important in making their choice of Rosetta Valuations over other firms.

2. Clear, Concise, yet Thorough Reports

Let’s face it. Reading a valuation report can be as exciting to some as an in-laws home movie night, but without the witty narration.  For those who want more than a number, Rosetta provides a detailed explanation of the process, the calculations and the supporting data.  It won’t be your summer must-read novel, but you will get relevant industry comparison, company trend analysis and economic review that can help owners strategize their future.

3. Unique graphics

If pictures are worth a thousand words, trends and graphs may be worth a thousand dollars!  Our more complete reports include ratio, industry comparison and even Altman Z-scores, which predict the future viability of a company!  These graphics often present patterns that standard financial professionals simply don't or won’t.  The bell curve graphics display visually why the valuator selected particular values. One of our goals is present additional insight and help you plan accordingly.

4. Proprietary Software

Our modeling software is 100% developed in-house, so we know where every nuance and every penny ends up.  Crucial to our standards is our once only data entry standard.  The same data is never entered in more than one spot, so that we never have the left hand independent from the right.  Some firms even use entirely separate systems!  When we update a valuation, you can be confident the new data flows through the entire model.

5. Site Visits

Some firms don’t offer them, some build in the cost no matter what.  At Rosetta, we understand that site visits can be crucial in a valuation, but in other cases, time and budget may be a limitation.  Our network of trained inspectors means we can cover most any location nationwide.

Part of What Makes Us Unique

How we work

A key component to any engagement is a clear concise and logical working relationship with our clients. Our process starts with a basic questionnaire that endeavors to address all major areas that may influence a valuation.  Often this may uncover areas that an owner may not have considered addressing.

Rosetta Valuations produces a variety of reports of differing complexity, analysis and completeness, based upon goal definition, report requirements and time/budget constraints.  The following matrix offers some of the ways Rosetta can custom tailor its engagement and reports to meet specific client needs.

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The Rosetta Stone was rediscovered in 1799 by a soldier of the Napoleonic expedition to Egypt.

The stone, carved in black granodiorite, was the first Ancient Egyptian bilingual text recovered in modern times.
The transliteration of the Egyptian scripts was announced in 1822; it was the essential key to modern understanding of Ancient Egyptian literature
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