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Rosetta Valuations offers complete valuations services for business owners, financial professionals, CPAs, attorneys and consultants.  We never take on an engagement unless we are completely independent of any relationship with all parties involved.  Our philosophy is provide the most unbiased reports possible, yet with attention to all of the relevant facts. Accurate data collection, comprehensive research, thorough analysis and timely delivery are the cornerstones of our business model.

The firm concentrates upon three main areas of valuation: business owners with a  need to know- be it for benchmark determination, potential sale, or forecast projections.  The second is for consultant assistance – this could be for buy-sell agreements, estate planning or tax planning purposes.  The third area concerns loan or financing approval (SBA or conventional).  Most any acquisition will require some degree of financing and the prudent third part lender will require an independent analysis of any transaction.  We have tremendous experience in working with lenders and in particular the intricacies of the SBA loan process.

Rosetta Valuations looks to provide its clients with timely reports supported by comprehensive statistical analysis using the latest in software techniques.  A significant portion of our budget is spent each year on access to current data, continuing education and in-house research and development.  You can be sure with Rosetta you have the advantage of state-of-the-art methodologies to give a clear, concise and most importantly of all, a supportable value.

How We Work

Founder Paul R. Corrigan has his roots as a business intermediary, which means “his feet on the street” experience grounds the values Rosetta produces for its clients.  He can step back and perform the ultimate review of “Would the open market find this value accurate between a willing buyer and a willing seller?”  Practical experience, coupled with superior analytics, provides for compelling conclusions.

All of our software has been developed in-house.  Why is this important?  Because third party “black box” packages may contain assumptions and calculations that are inappropriate for  your situation, and yet would be undetectable to our valuators.  Of course, this takes more time and cost to develop and test, but you can rest assured we know where every calculation leads, permitting us to support your end result more robustly.

Ask our competitors if they provide bell curve analysis, year-to-year ratio analysis (with industry comparisons) and Altman Z-score future viability graphs?  Because we own the software, we have the ability to correctly create and include this information is our reports.  The answer is clear: Rosetta has the “Street Sense” experience, the analytical prowess and the creativity to accurately work with you and your valuation needs.

Why Rosetta Valuations?

Now You Know
Your Company's
True Worth

About Rosetta

A key component to any engagement is a clear, concise and logical working relationship with our clients. Our process starts with a basic questionnaire that endeavors to address all major areas that may influence a valuation.  Often this may uncover areas that an owner may not have considered addressing.  We then utilize a drill-down approach whereby areas of interest are explored more deeply.  The goal is to save time for our clients by only requiring their time on key issues.

Once we have a detailed business overview, our valuators begin the process of analyzing the business data.  What is crucial here is that we only have one point data entry.  No duplication means there is no chance of outdated input.  All data flows through the entire system.  Any update in  information is reflected thoughout the complete valuation.

Rosetta spends a great deal of time correlating both industry comparison data and similar business transactions as closely as possible with the subject company.  It is always curious how some owners will say “My Company is  so unique!” and then expect valuators to find similar comps!  While every firm is one-of-kind, at Rosetta we have the experience and background to make the proper comparison judgement calls.

Our reports are founded upon accuracy and completeness, but most of all readability.  While a valuation report is not a midnight page-turner, it is imperative that the material be logical, readable and understandable to the lay reader.  Each decision point is fully discussed, justified and explained.  The goal is to have all reading parties arrive at the same conclusion as the valuator.

The end result is a timely report, understandable by the reader and logical to all concerned parties.  Rosetta works with a client to their satisfaction.

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