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Third party lenders, often seeking the Small Business Administration (SBA) loan guarantees from the US Government, have a detailed and strict format which must pass the muster of the SBA.  Not only are valuator credentials important but the format, presentation and explanation must meet the lenders Standard Operating Procedures (SOP).  Rosetta has the expertise, templates and experience to meet these requirements

The following matrix offers some of the ways Rosetta can custom tailor its engagement and reports to meet specific client needs.  Reports can customized to include/exclude certain features as well as the level of detail for each feature.  We are happy to spend the time to explain the purpose and value of each item.

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Rosetta Valuations produces a variety of reports of differing complexity, analysis and completeness, based upon goal definition, report requirements and time/budget constraints.

A report can be tailored to a client’s specific need and budget.  For internal purposes or insurance funding, a simple report may be all that is necessary.  An owner likely doesn’t need the time and research spent on company position in the industry or extensive trend analysis.  A snapshot of current value may be sufficient in these cases.

A Most Probable Selling Price report can be for internal needs, support/presentation to interested third parties or even for litigious situations.  Rosetta can bring the level of analysis required to meet specific review and increasing levels of scrutiny.