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Client Services:

There are as many reasons to value a business
as there are business scenarios.  Each case is unique, but all require backup that is “supportable, repeatable and conclusive”. The more common examples are:

Buy/Sell, Key Man Insurance –

Typically an internal situation where responsible owners are looking to ensure the continuation of the enterprise for all concerned: owners, spouses, employees, and clients.  Not only can Rosetta offer a fast, economical analysis, but also methodologies to forecast future values in between periodic formal updates.

Most Probable Selling Price (MPSP) –

Often management needs to know this for strategic planning reasons, potential sale, or owner personal financial planning with their professional advisors.  Determining the exact purpose of a valuation means Rosetta can also help position the business in the proper light to any and all potential outside parties.

Bank/SBA Loan Valuations –

Lending institutions require specific Standards of Procedure (SOP) for calculation the value of the firm which determines the maximum loan amount according to their Loan-to-Value (LTV) ratio.  Whether the funds are to be used for expansion, acquisition, or sale, Rosetta ensures the valuation effort never hinders the loan process.

Estate and Gift Scenarios –

The IRS has strict guidelines on not only the standard of value to use, but also the definition what is being valued for different sections of the Code.  Rosetta Valuations clearly identifies the exact reason and parameters of each valuation in the beginning, so you and your professional advisors know what the final product will be.  The completeness of the reports offers the confidence that value will stand up to close scrutiny.

Litigious Situations –

Divorce, Partnership Dissolution, and IRS Investigations are sometimes events that befall even the most conscientious of plans.  When professional support on your side is critical, Rosetta provides the experience, analysis, reporting and ancillary services.  We work with all of your other professional advisors all the way through whatever level of conflict resolution is required.  Rosetta Valuations has a broad network of experienced associates who are ready to support your unique business situation.

"Now You Know"